Duct Diseases You Can Cure

There are a pretty large number of issues that HVAC technicians constantly battle, but one of the most common are the afflictions that your duct systems face. If you have noticed a lackluster performance from your ventilation system – don’t panic, because the team of professionals at PECO Heating & Cooling are here to help.

The first step to fixing something is to determine the problem, and a faulty duct system could have several. A common one is poor duct static pressure. If you weren’t aware (which many aren’t), static pressure in a duct refers to the resistance of airflow in your system. You need to make sure that the push of the air is greater than the actual resistance to the flow, otherwise the flow could be too low or even non-existent. Think of it like your body’s blood pressure, if the amount is too high or low, then that is an indication of poor health/performance.


Excessive noise, improper airflow, equipment degradation, and total system failure could all be results of improper static pressure. Our team can identify these problems by performing an airflow or static pressure check. An airflow check is the process of checking the amount of airflow that your fan is producing and how much of that airflow is delivered to each register or grill. After taking these measurements, we will compare the results to standard pressure and airflow rates. If the measurement does not meet the expected standards, then you have a problem. Here are a few common causes and how they can be identified:

– Undersized Air Ducts
One potential cause for this could be undersized air ducts, the common solution for which is to perform a complete renovation of your duct system. Our technicians will identify which ducts need work by performing an airflow test, and then will replace them with ducts that are the appropriate size. Sometimes replacements are not always necessary though, and the solution could be something as simple as opening a closed balance dampener.

– Blocked Ducts
Another issue that can be identified by measuring and comparing airflow to the necessary standards, although you may be able to check just looking to see if the grill is squished to the point that nothing could pass through or is blocked by debris. Sometimes blockage can also be caused by a dead animal that managed to make its way in there, though this probably isn’t the case (you would definitely smell it). The solution for a blocked duct may be as simple a quick cleaning, but it could also require more extensive repairs or an outright replacement.

– Duct Leakage
Duct leakage is an issue that will affect virtually every duct system at some point. Leakage can be identified by improper air flow (starting to see a pattern?) or by checking a duct’s tightness level. A common cause is a lack of sealant or proper duct sealing material. Acceptable sealants vary by state, so be sure to leave it up to the professionals to provide you with the right materials.

These are just a few of the potential problems and causes of a faulty duct system, there are many more. Thankfully, the team here at PECO Heating & Cooling can easily identify and fix whatever problem is causing your duct system to perform poorly. Feel free to give us a call at (864)-639-2424 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment today!