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If you’re considering a new HVAC or air quality system for your home or business, we offer high-quality, reliable, and efficient products from industry-leading brands Lennox and Daikin. With a wide range of options available, you’re sure to find the perfect unit.

Scheduled Heating and Cooling Diagnostic Service

This service includes checking heat pump and air conditioner freon pressures and temperatures, examining the refrigeration coils and components, testing electrical systems and condenser unit capacitors – inside and out to determine the systems condition and give you the proper, cost effective solution.

Electrical, Plumbing Repairs, Water Heater Replacement and Gas Appliance Installation

PECO Heating and Cooling offers minor electrical repairs such as outlet, switch and receptical replacements. We can even service and install mini-split systems. Plumbing repairs include leaky faucets, pipes, running toilets and even water heater replacements – gas or electric. Installation of gas logs or applicances is also part of our service department. We install and replace gas and electric water heaters – tankless or standard tank and heat pump water heaters.

Air Quality Systems

The average person now spends 90 percent of their time inside, where indoor air can be 10 to 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the EPA. The effects of pollen, dust, and dust mites may trigger these types of unpleasant allergic reactions. There are a variety of solutions. PECO has an air purification that can be added to any existing heat pump, air handler, or coil, and it can remove up to 99% of pollen, fungus, mold, mildew and dust as well as odors. We also offer air filtration add-ons and germicidal lights. Air quality includes humidification, dehumidification, and air filtration.

Repairing and Servicing

Repairing and servicing existing air conditioner units, heat pumps, furnaces, mini splits: (HVAC) residential homes, apartments, condos and commercial customers.

Installation of New HVAC Systems

Heat pump split systems or heat pump package units are one of the best systems for the southeast. They run very efficiently at temperatures down to 40 degrees. A dual fuel heat pump system with gas furnace is a great option for lower temperatures. Installation of new ductwork, including fabric ducts, to ensure optimal HVAC system performance. Many of the high-efficency heat pump systems we offer can save you energy monthly without sacrificing your comfort. We also offer solar-ready heat pump systems that can help offset your power bill and the Federal Government still offers rebates for Solar and Geothermal Systems.

For new HVAC systems, contact us today! We proudly serve: Central, Clemson, Six Mile, Salem, Anderson, Sunset, Seneca and surrounding areas.

Maintenance Service Plans

Protect your HVAC investment with a PECO Planned Maintenance Agreement which reduces your overall long term repair costs for both commercial and residential services. This includes 2 system checks yearly and cleanings as well as discounts. Our experts clean the indoor coil or air handler and the outdoor heat pump condensing unit while performing the inspection.

Installation of Components or Parts that Need Replacing

Air handlers, furnaces or outdoor condensing units sometimes are more cost effective to replace than repair. We can easily swap out these parts the same day. We even have R22 dry charge heat pump and air conditioning units for older heat pump and cooling only systems when a complete system change out is not an option.

Proudly serving the heating and cooling and furnace needs of those in Central, Clemson, Six Mile, Salem, Anderson, Sunset, Seneca and surrounding areas.

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