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If you’ve been considering a generator for your home, Generac home generators are one of the most popular and reliable brands on the market. Generac generators deliver power directly to your home’s electrical system, automatically backing up your system and powering everything from single appliances to your entire home. There’s no need to be home to turn your generator on or off. Regardless of whether the outage lasts two hours or two weeks, Generac home backup generators are up to the challenge! 

Monitor Generac Generators from Anywhere in the World

Even better, Generac home generators come with Mobile Link, a free monitoring system that allows you to see the status of your generator on a computer, tablet, or phone. With the ability to monitor your generator from anywhere in the world, you’ll never be left wondering what’s going on at home. You can easily check the current operating status or receive maintenance alerts. Generac generators run on your existing natural gas or LP fuel supply, which brings added dependability during outages. There are also a wide variety of sizes to choose from, ranging from 7.5kW to 150kW.

With Generac’s 24/7 customer support, you can always have peace of mind that your home is protected against outages. 


5 out of 5. Guys were punctual, professionals and did a really great job. Would definitely recommend PECO moving forward and contact them again for future projects!

Kevin Kennedy

Get Peace of Mind Today with Generac Home Generators

Power outages are unpredictable. They can leave you without light, heat, air conditioning, refrigeration, and even make it difficult to communicate with friends and family. Stay safe and comfortable all year long with a Generac generator, and say goodbye to uncertainty! 

For more information on Generac home generators or to schedule an installation or maintenance appointment, contact PECO Heating & Cooling today at (864) 639-2424 or send us a message through our online form.