What’s Included in HVAC Service?

HVAC service includes a full checklist of requirements to ensure that your heating and cooling equipment is working as it should be and to keep it operational. When people hear that an HVAC system requires regular maintenance to operate at peak efficiency, it’s usually not a surprise, but they may be skeptical when they hear the frequency. It’s recommended that filters be replaced at least once every six months or sooner, and routine maintenance is recommended once a year. Is it really necessary to have it that often? What do HVAC technicians do, anyway? We’ll explain. What’s Included in HVAC Service?

A typical HVAC Tune-up service should be performed by a licensed HVAC technician and should include:

  •  Thermostat check and setting adjustment if needed
  •  Electrical checks to ensure connections are secure and readings are where they should be
  •  Checking over the condensation drain for obstructions
  •  Outdoor unit inspection if you have an outdoor unit. The area around it should be clear.
  •  Lubrication checks and replacement if necessary
  •  Examine  air filter if needs replacement to maintain good air flow and quality
  •  Fan inspection to ensure there’s no damage and they’re operating as intended
  •  Examine both indoor and outdoor coils – do they need cleaning – a clean unit runs more efficiently
  • Make recommendations for repairs

These are all the items included in a run-of-the-mill inspection and service appointment, but there are other possible inspections that may be done depending on your particular system. Over time, certain elements may require cleaning or replacement, such as your coils or refrigeration fluid. They may also inspect the ductwork or check joints and connections to ensure that you’re not losing any precious heat or air conditioning due to a leak. All of these checks are designed to help your system operate at its absolute best and ultimately save you money on your energy and gas bills. A faulty system can make those costs creep up very quickly.

If it seems like this is a list that can be put off, tread carefully. All of these elements, particularly your air filters, can gunk up quickly and cause issues with your system, damaging it or decreasing its efficiency. It’s always best to have a professional HVAC tech come out and take a look so you can get the most out of your heating and cooling, prevent unnecessary repairs, and save on your energy costs. Need to set up an appointment? You can call us anytime.