3 Reasons You Need to Change Your HVAC Filter

We recommend changing the filter in your HVAC system on a monthly basis. It’s good for your health, your wallet, and your system. Here are our top 3 reasons you need to change your filter:

  1. Pollen
    We have heard reports from many people that their allergies seem worse this year. Pollen season is getting longer and worse. If you suffer from itchy eyes, runny noses, hay fever, or other allergy symptoms, then you might want to look in an unlikely place for comfort: your HVAC system.

    The filter in your air conditioner collects dust and environmental debris as it runs. This pushes clean, cool air out into your home. However, the filter needs to be changed on a regular basis. Otherwise, it gets clogged full of what it has collected. This means it becomes less likely to strain out pollen, and old allergens stay in the system – which can bother you for months. We recommend changing your filter monthly to ensure you have a fresh filter to clear out pollen and keep your allergies at bay.
  1. Energy Bills
    You’ve probably heard tips to lower your energy bill that include raising the temp on the thermostat during summertime. However, did you know that a dirty filter causes your HVAC system to work harder? The fan has to blow harder to get air through the clogged filter, which increases your energy use and your bill. Replacing your filter regularly allows your system to work at optimal levels, which is better for the machine and for your bottom line.
  1. Short Cycling
    So what happens if you don’t change your filter regularly? As your filter becomes clogged, it becomes harder and harder for air to pass through it. The lack of airflow can cause the system to overheat. The limit switch will activate, and the HVAC system will shut down to protect the machinery. Without a new air filter, the HVAC system can continually shut down due to overheating when you turn it on. This is called short-cycling, which limits the performance of the system, puts wear and tear on the equipment, and can lead to costly repairs. If you notice your HVAC system turning on and off every few minutes, immediately switch the thermostat to off and call PECO. The faster you get your system seen by a professional, the better.