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PECO Heating & Cooling offers reliable installation and maintenance services for back up generators throughout Oconee, Pickens, and North Anderson counties. Whether your power is out for a few hours or a few days, outages are always inconvenient. They can cause unexpected expenses (like replacing an entire refrigerator full of food), cut off important communication channels, or simply make day-to-day living less comfortable. A standby generator is an ideal way to have peace of mind year-round.  

What to Consider with Your Backup Generator Installation

If you’re thinking about having a new standby generator installed, there are several factors you should consider:

1. Generator Size

Generator size is determined by its electrical output (measured in kilowatts or kW), rather than its physical size. To find the right size for your home, consider which rooms or appliances you’d like to keep powered during an outage. The more you’d like to power, the larger the generator you’ll need. Keep in mind that since larger back up generators use more fuel, they cost more to purchase and operate.

2. Fuel Source

After you’ve decided on the size of the generator, you’ll need to figure out which type of fuel you want to use. Back up generators run on natural gas, diesel, and gasoline; each of these fuels has pros and cons to consider.

A natural gas generator is the most affordable option and often the best choice for homes that already have a natural gas line installed. Home standby generators can be switched over onsite between natural gas or propane–there’s no need to change it out or replace internal parts. They run cleanly, quietly, and efficiently. If your house uses a furnace for heat, you’ll also be able to power more items. The only limitation is the price of the propane itself and the size of your tank.

Diesel is more expensive to install and maintain than propane; the fuel also has a shorter shelf life (a couple of years at best). On the plus side, it’s very convenient if you need to run the generator for longer than expected–all you need to do is pour more fuel into the tank. However, diesel generators are only really suitable for large commercial applications.

Gasoline portable generators are less expensive to purchase and install than generators that use other fuel sources. They come with several electrical outlets that provide sufficient power for a refrigerator, some lights, and a blower for various types of furnaces. Gasoline generators are an ideal choice for homeowners who’d like a small, portable generator. Some of these come in a dual fuel option as well.

3. Electrical Requirements

Back up generators are paired with an automatic transfer switch, which will automatically switch power to the generator during a power outage. There are manual transfer switches as well, but those are most commonly used for portable gasoline generators.

If you have 200A electric services (which is common in many homes), you’ll want to limit what you have working on generator power. This means you’ll need to ask yourself what’s most important to keep running during a power outage. A standard 24kW generator can power many items (including HVAC equipment), but a smaller, portable unit can only power a few items at a time, such as refrigerators, freezers, a few lights, and a TV.

These are just a few examples of how generators differ and what to consider when choosing one for your home. To find the perfect generator for your needs, contact PECO at (864) 639-2424.

Generator Maintenance

Do you already have a standby generator installed? Like your HVAC system, regular maintenance is essential to keep your generator working reliably. Our skilled technicians offer comprehensive maintenance services to keep your home’s backup power supply reliable and in good working condition!

Reliable Backup Generator Installation
and Maintenance

No matter how handy you are, generator installation and maintenance isn’t something that should be handled on your own; working with generators requires skilled knowledge and experience. Whether you’d like to install a whole house generator or you need maintenance services, it pays to work with qualified professionals you can trust.

For all your generator-related needs, contact PECO Heating & Cooling. Locally owned and operated, we proudly serve Central, Clemson, Six Mile, Seneca, Easley, Anderson, Sunset, Salem, and the surrounding area.

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