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We appreciate our customers giving us reviews and feedback. It not only helps us to learn what we can do better, but also improves our credentials as a company! Help us out by filling out the feedback form at the bottom of this page! We at PECO Heating & Cooling pride ourselves on making every interaction with us a great experience. We are constantly working on better ways to serve you. A couple of the changes this past year have been paperless system so our service techs have your info at their fingertips & GPS tracking on our trucks to keep fuel costs down which in turn keeps our prices stable. We want to serve you better and would love your feedback. - The PECO Team

"Our faucet in our bathroom broke today while in the middle of potty training my toddler. I called PECO and they said they said they wouldn’t be able to come out today. They called back later and told us we have a tech that got finished with a job we can have him out there today at 4. Super friendly over the phone! I received an email with my appointment time as well as picture of my tech that was coming which I thought was AWESOME! My tech’s name was Jeremy. He was able to come early, replace the part and was SUPER friendly and helpful! So appreciative for you all today and all the help!" Lauren A. Ready 12/30/21

"I have always had good service from PECO. But this holiday they went above and beyond to help me out. Despite calling after 8pm Christmas Eve about a blown hot water heater when all stores were closed so a new one could not be purchased and installed, Mary spent an hour on the phone trying to find a quick solution. I sent her multiple photos of the 2 water heaters and how they were installed in hopes she could figure out if there was a bypass to shut off water heaters, but leave whole house water on. No luck. Then she spent time Christmas morning trying to find the parts to install a bypass system so I could have water until the stores opened Saturday. Saturday morning she and her husband showed up with 2 new hot water heaters and are installing a much needed bypass system so if one tank leaks it can be bypassed and I can still have 1 functioning tank and whole house water. Their kindness and response was exceptional! I highly recommend this company not just for the quality service, but for how they care about their customers as well." Linda Pullekines 12/26/20

I was so impressed with your service. Thank you so very much for great service, on a short notice. Matt was super; so was his “side-kick”. Sorry I didn’t listen more carefully to his name. Friendly, quick, nice, clean job. Matt will get a top star from me. Again, I am most grateful to all of you." 4/29/20

"Another top notch experience with Max. He took good care of us and developed a creative solution to our air return situation. He was neat and tidy both in appearance and with his work. We are extremely pleased with the service PECO provides for our home!" 4/17/20

"Professional, helpful, accommodating, very prompt, and the office was most efficient in informing who and when the worker was to come. And the worker was always on time. The final cost was what was anticipated with no added cost to get the job done well. After 3 plus decades of dealing with companies, this was most gratifying." George Milam 4/10/20

"Highly recommend Jermey! He came out and gave us a second opinion after another company said my AC unit needed $1500 in repairs and recommended we purchase a new unit. Turns out the first company had overcharged my unit with way too much refrigerant causing all the problems! Thanks to Jermeymy unit is working perfectly again and saved me $thousands$. We are very grateful! He is so knowledgeable and explained everything while troubleshooting the issue. PECO is lucky to have him!" 3/30/20

"We had a Lennox HVAC installed a year ago, and it is by far the best! The features are phenomenal, and the humidity control is so effective, it feels cold, even when the temperature is set to 77 degrees on the hottest Summer day. Now we are working on some small upgrades/renovations. All of the staff, from the office to the professionals they send, have been professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. We are very pleased and highly recommend. We will certainly call for any future projects. Update (Feb 18, 2020): Working on additional upgrades and still very pleased with the quality of the work and the timeliness and professionalism of the staff" 5 star review 2/18/20

"The technician was awesome, unfortunately for me it was a quick fix lol. Ty for helping us quickly" 5 Star review 2/15/20

"Responsive, friendly, professional" 5 star review 2/14/20

"Today was the second time I have had to call on a professional for help with my home HVAC. The first time was several months ago, and I reached out through home advisor I think. PECO responded quickly and had the problem taken care of in short order. Today I called them directly, and they have once again taken care of my issue, more quickly than I expected." - 5 star review 2/7/20

"Highly recommend Jeremy! He came out and gave us a second opinion after another company said my AC unit needed $1500 in repairs and recommended we purchase a new unit. Turns out the first company had overcharged my unit with way too much freon causing all the problems! Thanks to Jeremy my unit is working perfectly again and saved me $thousands$. We are very grateful! He is so knowledgeable and explained everything while troubleshooting the issue. PECO is lucky to have him! 5 Star review" 1/25/20

"Jeremy Clark quickly diagnosed my problems and took care of them. Very efficient and courteous work. I recommend him highly" 12/4/19

5+. Jermey is outstanding in every way. He is a hard worker and very customer focused." 10/30/19

Jerry did an excellent job of addressing my service request and then some. he was courteous, patient, respectful, knowledgeable, and informative. my experience with peco has been very good." 10/30/19

"On time, courteous and efficient work." 10/30/19

"I could not believe that the second tech drove to Willie's house after 4:00 on a Friday to get the parts for my AC so I would not be cooking all weekend! Thanks." 10/25/19

"Yes, Matt was very professional and fix our problem." 10/24/19

"I greatly appreciate the work performed by PECO. You were very prompt on my inquiries over the telephone, scheduling with confirmation in both text and email format. The two individuals were excellent in reference to their review and explanation of the work to be done, professionalism and cleanliness This is the second time I have used your corporation and I will continue to do so in the future and recommend to friends and family regarding the excellent work your corporation does. Thank you." 10/22/19

"5! Superior service provided by Jerry. This is the second job that PECO has performed and we are extremely satisfied with the quality professional work done. The home is The largest asset an individual can own and I appreciate the tender and loving care your corporation provides and keeping my investment in top working condition. You were dependable and reliable! Thank you." 10/22/19

Very impressed with Ben. I give him and his crew all a 5." 10/22/19

"5+! Outstanding technician. It was a great experience." 10/22/19

"Called in the morning and several hours later Matt Wilson arrived. Matt explained what he was going to do and explained the service contract - which I expressed an interest in my Initial call. Pointed out several things that were done incorrectly be the original installers and remedied those. Matt talked about future visits and what would be done then. I couldn't be happier with PECO and Matt Wilson." 10/17/19

"We had a Lennox HVAC installed a year ago, and it is by far the best! The features are phenomenal, and humidity control is so effective, it feels cold, even when the temperature is set to 77 degrees on the hottest Summer day. Now we are working on some small upgrades/renovations. All of the staff, from the office to the professionals they send, have been professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. We are very pleased and highly recommend. We will certainly call for any future projects." 10/17/19

"Ben, the technician, was personable , informative, and professional. I appreciated getting a text when he was on his way as well as his picture. That is a very nice security feature." 10/14/19

"I am very well pleased with their quality of work and they’re working knowledge." 10/10/19

"5 stars. On time and got it fixed in a quick fashion" 10/9/19

"He was great,very efficient. I will certainly use your company again. I was very very pleased with his job. Thanks" 10/8/19

"My brother is deaf and mentally handicapped. He has trouble communicating and is often uncomfortable with people he does not know, especially tradesmen and service technicians. He is aware that he is easy to take advantage of. He was very pleased with Mr. Clark today. That speaks well of him. Thank you!" 10/4/19

"Ben was neat and efficient. The system was in good shape and he gave me feedback on the visit. Initially the downstairs thermostat was finicky and he had trouble starting the unit. He advised me mid-visit and said the thermostat might have to be replaced at some point. It worked fine after a few minutes. I asked if he had a spare unit on the truck and he said he only had an expensive one, and that he would not recommend replacing it with a high end model (if required) since it is only used extensively when we have company and given the age of the unit. I appreciated his input. I’ve had similar experiences experiences with the other two techs that have inspected our units. It’s one of the reasons I like PECO." 9/28/19

"Matt Wilson did an good job. Thanks for being so prompt with your service." 9/25/19

"First planned maintenance visit was a win." 9/19/19

"Excellent service and very fast! Jeremy was very efficient and professional! I will call PECO again!" Carol Hoffmann 9/11/19

"Always fast, reliable and reasonably priced. PECO employees are all very courteous and knowledgeable." Trae King 9/10/19

"They were quick to respond and set up an appointment time. They showed up and did what I asked. I have tried for months to get someone to come to my house and they did it in days. I'm very satisfied!" 8/22/19

"It’s always a pleasure dealing with PECO, and today was no exception! It seems I always learn something new from the technicians!" 8/12/19

"Was my HVAC company when living in Oconee. Never had an issue with them over the 2 homes I had when living there." 8/11/19

"Willie was excellent!! He was both professional and personable and took the time to explain and answer my questions in layman’s terms about the what’s and why’s of his service- I WILL use them again! My highest recommendations." 8/10/19

"Arrived early, which was great, found problem quickly, left with it fixed and cleaned up. Pleasant to work with. Couldn't ask for more." 8/2/19

"I want to thank PECO HEATING AND COOLING SERVICE for the excellent service provided today. The quick scheduling to repair our heat pump got us back with cool air in no time. Our serviceman, Matt Wilson was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly." Gene 7/12/19

"You guys are fast! Matt and Max only just left. Both were extremely efficient and friendly and answered all my curiousity questions. 5 star for both! THANKS!" Esther 7/10/19

"Efficient, friendly, professional did a great job We’ll have more work for PECO. Gerry was great"

"5+! I had just called the office to say that Matt is always punctual and very professional. He obviously loves his work. He represents PECO very well!" 6/24/19

"Contacted PECO and they were able to schedule my non-emergency work quickly. Electrician arrived on time, discussed the two electrical needs we had. He gave good advice on the smoke detector problem and switched my fluorescent light fixture from ballast to no ballast with LED tubes. Glad to have my bright kitchen lighting back up and working. Thank you Jerry. You are a good problem solver and an earnest worker." 6/24/19

"Professional and timely. Did what they said they would do when they said they would do it. Knowledgeable staff." 6/23/19

"Courteous, professional, no pressure or attempts to up sell, plus they do great work. More likely to show up early than late for appointments." 6/20/19

"We deeply appreciate your very positive review of our business. We are very pleased that you got to enjoy many favorite aspects of what we have to offer. It is always most rewarding to hear directly from our customers and especially those willing to provide their positive perspective with the online world and beyond. Please revisit us soon and often." 6/17/19

"I appreciate their prompt service and help in resolving an electrical issue with a new A\C." 6/7/19

"Jeremy fixed the problem. He’s good. We are very pleased that the issue could be the day we asked for help." 6/6/19

"Excellent. Knew exactly what I needed. His fix saved me money. Thank you Jerry" 6/5/19

"Willie’s service was very good; he had worked with the air conditioning system before. He arrived early and quickly had the system up and running, Moreover, he explained what he was doing." 6/4/19

"Stephen was a super nice guy who was extremely professional and committed to getting the job done right." 5/31/19

"Matt is a great technician and knows his work!!!" 5/31/19

"Excellent 5. He is awesome! You are lucky to have him for an employee !" 5/29/19

"Matt is an excellent, friendly, and informative technician who knows the system very well. Clean and tidy also. We hope he will always be the technician serving our system. He did not provide a coupon sheet so we’d like to have one sent to us." 5/23/19

"On time and honest and I'm from Florida where that's seldom the case. Tech was very nice. Will use again." 5/22/19

"Ben was great. A/c working good now." 5/19/19

"He was neat and tidy. Very informative and knowledgeable." 5/9/19

"Professional, Courteous and Quick." 5/8/19

"Ben serviced my two heat pump systems yesterday. He was on time, neatly presented, friendly and courteous, and knowledgeable and efficient. He pointed out that one of the components (capacitor) for the upstairs unit was close to failing, but didn’t insist that I get it done then. Overall, I would rate Ben as “five star”. He was one of my best service providers, and pleasant to work with. I hope he returns in 6 months for my second annual service." 5/8/19

"Wow PECO arrived when they said they would were polite and cleaned up after the install. Fair prices." 5/8/19

"PECO is a very dependable company. They are honest. Their Technicians are wonderful. When working on systems, there are never any surprises at the end of their visit." 4/24/19

"Willie and the entire PECO experience exceeding expectations. Willie was on-time and very professional. We have signed up as regular customers and look forward to his visit this Fall. Will be more than happy to recommend both Willie and his employer-PECO." 4/26/19

"Willie was awesome!! Super nice and very professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants great service!!" 4/26/19

We would give your company 5 stars! The original part of our house, which was built in 1965, was rewired and grounded. Everything we wanted done was completed for a very reasonable price except for hanging outdoor lights which turned out not to have wiring run when we thought it was there. Jerry did say he could come back to do that another time. Jerry and Joey were personable, hard working, and kept us informed of what they were doing. Joey Thompson was pleasant, neat, and tidy. Tools were not left when the job was completed. We would give Joey 5 stars just for squeezing into a very tight spot in our crawl space to run new wire! We did not receive a coupon sheet but would like you to send us one. Thank you." Beverly and Les Rainey 3/8/19

"So very happy with service we get from this company. Everyone who works for them are very knowledgeable, respectful. They have been timely and clean. They serviced us with our previous heat pump and made it a smooth transition through the purchase of our new one. We are very impressed with the following up with all of our questions and concerns. We highly recommend PECO." 2/13/19

"Everyone was very helpful setting up the job. Willie did a good job surveying the site. Mary was easy to work with and was very knowledgeable. Jerry showed up on time to do the work and finished in one day. Left the job site very clean and neat. Work was done." 2/7/19

"PECO Heating and Cooling employees are friendly are are willing to satisfy their customers! They treat you as a valuable customer and try their best to please you!" 2/5/19

"Excellent response times each time I have a service request. Honest work and fair prices. I will continue to use them in the future." 2/2/19

"We have a service contract. We had a problem with out heating. Willy was prompt, polite, thorough, photographed the problem to show me and repaired it. Weekend call with no after hours charge and a 10% discount for having a service contract. Great service." 2/2/19

"We were very pleased with same day service. Cost very reasonable. Serve Tech upmost professional. Would recommend PECO to anybody." 2/1/19

"Very pleased with how quickly PECO is able to respond to my service calls. Staff at the office and the techs in the field are pleasant and take time to explain the situation. Glad to be able to support a local business in my community! Thanks!" 2/1/19

"You advertise 24/7 and you delivered! Awesome!!" 1/31/19

"Today was my first experience using PECO and I am extremely pleased. We were having a minor electrical issue and PECO came out for a safety check and everything checked out." 1/29/19

"Jerry reviewed my needs and made several suggestions to consider. He was knowledgeable and efficient and completed the job." 1/25/19

"Matt and his partner were very good today explaining the issue with our heat pump." 1/23/19

"Wonderful, professional, and very friendly service." 1/23/19

"The technicians arrived on time, worked well together, answered all my questions, treated us with courtesy and respect. They got the job done ahead of schedule, cleaned up work area, and left our property as they found it." 1/22/19

"PECO was extremely responsive and courteous. The repairman arrived quickly and was able to repair the issue quickly as well." 1/12/19

"The staff are always so thoughtful and professional." 1/15/19

"Quick response. Complete and successful resolution — and a trustworthy, competent tech in Matt Wilson. All in all, a terrific experience!" 1/15/19

"Matt did a great job. Took the time to explain everything." 1/16/19

"Great response and thorough check up on my heat pumps. Highly recommend to others." 1/17/19

"They were on time, answered all my questions, and fixed my HVAC unit quickly and now my house is warm again. Zero complaints." 1/18/19

"PECO has done 2 replacement HVAC systems for us and 1 new whole house generator system. I've recommended PECO to numerous folks from our community. I trust them. Jeremy, Jerry, and Max are good to have on property and Mary is very responsive from back at the PECO office." 1/18/19

"Wonderful service. Promised to arrive at 8 am but arrived earlier. Spent a good amount of time checking our units. Even did it in the pouring rain. Will definitely continue to work with this company." 1/3/19

"The folks at PECO are the best! From the friendly office staff on the phone to the technicians, it is a pleasure to have them take care of my household needs." 1/2/19

"Extremely efficient, polite, friendly, and neat technicians. PECO is a great company to deal with. Thanks." 12/31/18

"Living in Salem,SC for the last 20 years I have had several HVAC technicians to my home for various reasons. This company is quick to respond, has a technician to your home in hours- not days. they are professional, courteous, diligent and knowledgeable. I recommended PECO to all my customers and clients." 12/20/18

“It was great, wonderful visit. The tech was real good, very nice, polite, and neat. We love how close PECO is to us and how quick they came out.” 12/13/18

"PECO was called out one morning and came later that day. Service was provided in a professional manner. Pricing was more than reasonable. We will definitely use PECO again." 12/13/18

"PECO has been nothing less than outstanding! They are very responsive and do great quality work!" 12/11/18

"Very professional technicians and office staff." 12/11/18

"PECO has always given us prompt service. The technicians are great and have been able to fix problems other companies could not. Very pleased." 12/7/18

"Very prompt, professional and friendly." 12/5/18

"Excellent service and very prompt." 12/5/18

"We use PECO for all our air conditioning / heating needs as well as electrical needs. They are always professional, timely, explain everything well, and make sure we are satisfied. We have called them for emergencies in the past and they have always sent someone that very same day. We love everybody there and they are like family. We highly recommend PECO." 12/3/18

"Professional, very satisfied." 12/3/18

"I've had nothing but excellent service from PECO. I'm cool in the summer and warm in the winter!" 12/3/18

"PECO showed up within an hour of my call and repaired the problem without trying to sell me something I did not need. This kept the cost down and saved a lot of time." 12/1/18

"Great response time and very professional and knowledgeable technician. Have already called to schedule additional services." 11/27/18

"Once the installation is done and the system is up and running, I will be happy to do so. I am certainly impressed with the way things have been handled so far." 11/26/18

“PECO has given my home and office excellent installation and maintenance for our heating and cooling needs. They are very service oriented and their response time is always good. I thoroughly recommend PECO.” Libby Mitchell 11/20/18

"We had electric problems, PECO understood our concerns. Jerry Lusk was our technician, he spent the entire day sorting out the problems and made sure everything was working and that we were satisfied. I can say that I am very happy with the excellent work performed and highly recommend PECO, ask for Jerry." 11/19/18

“PECO was always on time and did a great job every time.” 11/15/18

“We had been without heat for over a day and when I called first thing Monday morning, they were very responsive and sent Matt, the technician, out within an hour and quickly remedied the problem. Highly recommend!” 11/14/18

"Exceptional service and customer relations. Willing to answer any and all questions and completed the requested work quickly and very professionally. Just an outstanding experience. I will happily use them again." 11/7/18

“I could not ask for a better team service and technical advisor with so much knowledge and experience. We are blessed to have a great team to service our needs. Thanks again.” Mr. & Mrs. Sturner 11/1/2018

"Great & Honest company.” 10/29/18

“PECO is a very reputable company that puts service first and make sure the job is done right...every time. Great people to work with!!" Sonny Emanuel 10/28/18

“Office staff is excellent to deal with, and the work was completed on time and in a professional manner. Great find and I will be using PECO in the future!” 10/26/18

“Excellent timing and customer service! I called than morning around 7:30am and they were here at 1:00pm to fix my air conditioner!” 10/14/18

“Matt was extremely personable and knowledgeable. I appreciated him explaining what the problem was. Highly recommend to others.” Martha Gonzalez 10/10/18 

"Always on time, respects my property. Makes sure the work is done right the first time. Very professional." 10/9/18

“PECO continually strives to provide a great service at every turn.” 10/8/18 

“PECO is fast, efficient, and reasonably priced. Everyone is very nice, too. The do excellent work, and I appreciate having them in Central.” 10/8/18

“I have always gotten a very fast response when I call PECO. Mark and Mary know that my business depends on a well running AC. Very professional company.” 10/4/18

“I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Willy. He arrived on time, got my AC running and explained what he had done and what my future options are. He was professional and courteous. I have already recommended him and PECO to friends for their future heating and air needs.” Amanda Carter 9/26/18

“Hopefully I get the best price on a new heating and cooling system from PECO.” 9/26/18

“Workers are very courteous, efficient and reliable. We are very pleased with all your services! Thank you for a very competent service today!" 9/25/18

“PECO truly cares about their customers! Mary and staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns that we have. Jerry, our electrician is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. We only trust him with our electrical needs, and I highly recommend him and the whole PECO team to anyone needing their services! We also have a maintenance plan with PECO for our hearing and cooling needs!” Lesley and John Whisner  9/18/19

“The service was good. Technician did good, he is always nice. I always enjoyed using you, because the second time you came out on a Saturday to fix the problem previous for free of charge.” Peggy Williams 9/7/18

"The technicians at PECO Heating and Air are courteous, prompt and professional. They do excellent work at a fair price. I have used this company numerous times now and highly recommend them.” 9/6/18
“We are well pleased with the LENNOX Unit that we got through PECO and with the service we receive from them. Thanks” 9/3/18

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