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BackUp Generators Easley

Have you been thinking about getting a backup generator for your Easley home? The skilled team at PECO Heating & Cooling is here to help! We offer backup generator installation and maintenance services, so you never have to worry about keeping your home powered. Whether you’ve been considering a portable or a whole-house generator installation, or your current generator just needs to be serviced, you can rely on our experts to perform the work safely and efficiently.


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Which Type of Generator is Right for You?

If you’ve looked around for a backup generator in Easley, you’ve probably discovered there’s a wide range of options available. This can get overwhelming if you’ve never had a generator before! While our team is always ready to assist you, here’s a breakdown of the various options available and important things to consider. 

  • Type of generator
    There are two main types of home generators: portable generators and standby (also known as a whole house or built-in home generators). Portable generators are smaller and easier to install. They’re also less expensive than whole-home generators, but they need to be hooked up manually when you need to use them.

    Standby generators are permanently installed outdoors and automatically turn on when the power goes off. Portable generators are meant to power a limited number of electrical items, while built-in home generators can power an entire house. Portable generators are significantly louder than standby generators
  • Generator size
    Generator size refers to the electrical output (measured in kilowatts), rather than physical size. To find the right size for your home, consider what you’d like to keep powered during an outage. The higher the electrical output, the more items you’ll be able to power–however, a larger generator will cost more to operate. 
  • Fuel source
    Another thing to consider is the fuel source for your generator. Portable generators run on gasoline, which has the benefit of being widely available. The downside is that gasoline has a short shelf life and is dangerous to store. Home standby generators are powered by propane or natural gas. Propane requires a separate tank that will need to be refilled by a propane supplier, but it can be stored indefinitely; natural gas requires a gas line but offers the benefit of unlimited use.  
  • Electrical and other considerations
    In some cases, your home’s electrical or natural gas services may limit your generator options. You may need to upgrade your system or make a choice about which items to power during an outage. Whole house generators will need space for the generator itself and (if powered by propane) the fuel tank. 

Generator Maintenance

If you’ve already got a generator installed, we also offer expert maintenance services! At a minimum, generators should be serviced once a year to ensure they continue to work when you need them. This includes inspections, oil and filter changes, and replacing any worn parts before they have the chance to break. With proper maintenance, your generator will give you many years of reliable use–and you’ll save money on repairs and replacement costs. 

Schedule an Installation or Maintenance Today!

Regardless of whether you need routine maintenance or to have a generator installed, electrical work of any kind is best left to the professionals. Our technicians have the training and experience to ensure your generator remains safe and performs its best. Contact us today at (864) 639-2424 or request an appointment online.