Frozen Heat Pump? Call PECO!

It’s normal for your heat pump to develop some frost or ice on its outdoor coils. It’s not normal for it to look like a snowman!

What’s going on? Why are you seeing Frosty instead of your heat pump?

Insufficient Airflow

A heat pump’s refrigerant temperature can fall below freezing. Without sufficient airflow through the unit, moisture in the air freezes on the evaporator or condenser coils. One measure you can safely take to ensure good airflow is to clear away any leaves, debris or snow drifts that may be blocking the coils. If this doesn’t help, give us a call ASAP so we make repairs before any damage occurs.

Cold Water

Freezing rain or water dripping from a leaking gutter can cause the top of the unit to freeze. The rest of the unit quickly follows. We suggest you check your gutters to stop any leaking. If this isn’t the cause and your heat pump doesn’t defrost itself after a day or if it defrosts then freezes again, call us for proper ice removal.


Most heat pumps rest on a concrete slab. This slab sometimes settles into the ground over time. Just a small amount of settling can block the drainage path for ice melt, impede airflow, and cause ice buildup. Call us about raising the unit.

As you can see, in almost all cases, it’s best to give us a call. We’ve seen a lot of damage when people try to handle a frozen heat pump themselves. When they try to chip the ice off, they sometimes hit the refrigerant line and all the refrigerant leaks out. Another misguided home remedy is to pour boiling water on the unit. The trouble is that the hot water often ruins perfectly good electrical components.

Don’t turn Frosty into the Abominable Snowman to come to life. Contact PECO when you need reliable, trustworthy HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair in Oconee, Pickens, and North Anderson counties. We’re a family-owned business and take great pride in offering high-quality home repair with even higher quality attention to our customer’s needs. As well as being licensed plumbing contractors, we also install, maintain and fix heating and cooling systems. We can fix or build anything that moves gas or water through your house. We even do minor drywall repair and painting when needed. For an HVAC company that maintains the utmost standards and integrity, call us at 864-639-2424 or request an appointment online today!