How to Tell When You Need Heating and Cooling Repair Services

Is your place getting too hot or too cold when it shouldn’t be? Or maybe you’re noticing your HVAC system is less effective than it used to be, or your indoor unit is making strange noises. These are a few of the signs that you’re probably due for heating and cooling repair services. Here are all the signs you should keep an eye out for and what they mean.

How to Tell When You Need Heating and Cooling Repair Services

  • It’s been too long since your last service.

Stop and think for a minute. When was the last time your heater or air conditioner received service? Has it been more than a year? Then you’re likely due for routine service or, at the very least, a filter change. Filters should be changed monthly and you should be having regular maintenance once a year. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and regular service appointments keep the repairman at bay!

  • Something smells weird.

If your system is giving off a strange smell when it kicks on or has been running a while, it’s time to have it looked at. Gas smells require immediate attention, of course, but if you notice something that smells like mildew, mold, or rot, there could be an issue with your filter or duct work that needs to be checked.

  • The water’s leaking.

If you spot pools of water coming from your indoor unit, ductwork, or cooling unit, you could be looking at a clogged line or several other problems. Unless you know exactly what’s causing it, you should call a professional for HVAC service.

  • Unusual noises from your indoor unit.

Banging, thumping, whistling, or any other unusual sounds coming from your furnace means that something’s not right. No matter how much you want them to, they won’t just disappear, so you should call for heating and cooling repair services as soon as you can.

  • Your system’s efficiency is severely lacking and your bill is higher than ever.

Have you noticed that you’re getting less heat or cooling than you used to but your bill keeps climbing no matter what? That means something’s wrong. A lack of efficiency can come from any number of things, from a busted fan to broken ductwork. The only way to know for sure is to have someone look at it. You may be hoping to avoid a repair bill, but those electric and gas bills are going to make up the difference faster than you know, trust us.

There are other signs that you’re due for HVAC repair, but these are the big ones. As a general rule, if your system is acting unusual or not doing its job, then you should have it looked at. Don’t forget that regularly scheduled maintenance, too. It’s the best way to avoid many of these problems! You can always call on Peco Heating & Cooling for your repair services.