Stinky Furnace? What Should You Do?

A stinky furnace aroma is unpleasant. It is also unnerving. Where is it coming from? More importantly, how to get rid of it? Here are four uncomfortable scents your heater might spew and what you can do about it:

Don’t Get All Musty on Me

You might notice a musty smell in autumn the first time you fire up your furnace for the season. This usually means you have some mold growing in your ductwork or on the air conditioner coil mounted above your furnace. You’re probably going to have to call a pro for this one. It’s time to get your equipment and ducts inspected!

When Something is Rotten in Denmark (SC)

Shakespeare was talking about a Norwegian kingdom, but he could have been talking about a rotten egg or sewer smell coming from your furnace right here in South Carolina. If it smells sour or like rotten eggs when your furnace kicks on, it can indicate a failed heat exchanger. This is especially true for a high-efficiency heater. This issue requires a reputable HVAC company because a bad heat exchanger can fill your home with carbon monoxide gas.

Just a Dust-Up

The first time you crank up your heater after summer, you might smell the scent of dust. This one is usually no problem. Dust accumulates during the year when you don’t turn your furnace on. When components get hot, the dust burns and creates that smell. It should burn off soon enough!

Plastic Smell? Shut It Down!

A plastic smell spells trouble. It means electrical components and/or wires are getting heated up. This is probably because of a short or other breakdown in the electrical system. This could be anything from a malfunctioning fan to needing a new furnace. Ignoring this is a safety hazard! Turn off your heater and call a professional immediately.If you live in Oconee, Pickens, and North Anderson counties, contact the experts at PECO. We’re a family-owned business and take great pride in offering high-quality home repair with even higher quality attention to our customer’s needs. As well as being licensed plumbing contractors, we also install, maintain and fix heating and cooling systems. We can fix or build anything that moves gas or water through your house and even do minor drywall repair and painting when needed. Want to get the funk out of your furnace? Call the experts at PECO today at 864-639-2424 or request an appointment online