The Costly Air Conditioner Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Keep your Air Conditioner Running Smooth in the Dog Days of Summer

Long, scorching days and warm evenings tell us the dog days of summer have finally, fully arrived. Another thing that tells us? The steady, smooth whirr of your air conditioner. Unless your AC unit is balky, noisy or just not pumping out cool air like it used to. Then summer, especially in upstate South Carolina, becomes unbearably stifling, humid, and even unhealthful. Not to mention a drain on your budget when you have to finally break down and fix it. So, what can you do to make sure you keep your cool in the hottest months of the year?

Change that Filter

On average, the air filter on your heating and cooling system becomes saturated with dirt and dust after 1 month. This not only increases the amount of dust in your house, but it makes your unit work harder with weaker output. Replacing a dirty filter can improve AC energy use by 5 to 15%—and might even make you stop yearning for winter!

Dirty Fins and Coils

Your AC’s evaporator coils work as a heat exchanger—refrigerant inside the coil evaporates as heat is absorbed. The fins enhance the heat exchange process. Layers of dust and dirt bog the system down by up to 40%, costing you more and more money to get to a temperature you can live with. It is recommended you get your coils and fins cleaned at the beginning of the summer and then check for buildup throughout peak season. Though it is possible to DIY this task, it is probably best to give it over to professionals who can check for other key issues.

Maintenance Free—Not!

Many people treat their AC and heating system as if it is a self-cleaning, self-maintaining unit, which is just not true. Over time, the life-blood of your unit, refrigerant, escapes and is dispersed outdoors, putting a strain on your system and your budget. A technician can determine if your system is low on refrigerant and add more if needed, getting your unit back on track and making your home or business way more chill.   

As you can see, staying ahead of repairs is the best way to avoid costly, inconvenient fixes. At PECO Heating and Cooling, our Planned Maintenance Agreement, will keep your heating and cooling systems in excellent working condition all year long. Twice each year, we’ll come to your house and perform maintenance that will give you a  reliable system you can depend on. We also provide a wide range of home maintenance and repairs, including home inspection repairs, plumbing, and electrical services.

If you need help with just about anything in your home, we have the tools and knowledge to give you professional, top-quality craftsmanship and get you through the dog days. Why are they called dog days, anyway? The Romans noted that in the summer, the sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the brightest star and part of the constellation Canis Major, the Great Dog. They thought Sirius gave off extra heat, making summer hotter! To keep the dogs at bay all summer long, call 864-639-2424 or visit us online to schedule an appointment today.