Top Reasons to Make the Switch to Natural Gas

Have you been considering installing natural gas lines at your residence? Natural gas is versatile, adds lasting value to your home, and is very economical. It’s estimated that using natural gas helps the consumers save an average of $874 on energy bills each year compared to those who use electricity.

Switch To Natural Gas

Natural gas is also more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than other types of energy sources. As natural gas is transported through a series of pipelines, 92% of it is delivered and utilized as energy. In contrast, only about 32% of power from electricity is delivered to consumers and able to be utilized as energy. Natural gas also cuts carbon emissions by nearly half compared to other types of energy sources. Here are a few other reasons you may want to consider natural gas for your home:

  1. Convenient and reliable – You’ll never run out of fuel with natural gas. It’s delivered directly to your home through underground pipelines and is uninterrupted by storms or power outages. Unlike wood-burning furnaces, there’s no mess from ashes or tars. Gas furnaces don’t need to be cleaned and require limited maintenance. You’ll also have the convenience of instant energy to warm your house, cook, or take hot showers.

  2. Versatile – Natural gas is used for more than just heating your home. It heats water, powers appliances like stoves, dryers, and fireplaces. It can also be used outdoors for barbecues, lighting or warming pools or hot tubs.

  3. Save money – With its high efficiency, natural gas can save you money, especially if you switch over to gas-powered appliances. In most areas, natural gas costs less than other types of energy – often up to half.

  4. Ready for the Future – Once your home is set up for natural gas, it’s easy to upgrade your appliances or add additional gas-powered appliances later on.

  5. Safety – natural gas is safer and easier to store than other types of fossil fuels.

  6. Plentiful – the United States has an abundant supply of natural gas, which helps decrease our reliance on foreign energy supplies.

  7. Environmentally friendly – While natural gas isn’t as clean as wind or solar, it’s the cleanest fossil fuel energy source available. Natural gas produces a 1/3 less carbon dioxide than coal and almost half less than oil. It emits little to no sulfur. Not only does it burn cleaner than other fossil fuels, but it’s also less disruptive to the environment. Coal mining can overtake entire hillsides, creating erosion, deforestation, and pollution. With natural gas, the environmental impact is minimal, and the majority of the land it’s extracted from stays intact. 

  8. Increased Resale Value – On average, homes with existing natural gas sell at a 6% higher price than homes utilizing other energy sources. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 72% of homebuyers looking to buy a home within the next five years say they want their home to run on natural gas. Not only can adding natural gas increase the interest and sale price of your home should you decide to sell it in the future, but appliance rebates may be able to offset the cost of adding major new appliances.

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