What is Encapsulation?

In South Carolina, where we have warm and humid weather many months of the year, crawl spaces in homes are especially vulnerable to moisture damage. Older residences may have vented, rather than sealed, spaces that allow moisture in, threatening the stability and safety of the structure. Open spaces can allow in rodents, toxins, and moisture. All of these can cause damage to your structure and health. Here are some issues that encapsulation can fix:

  • Mold and other toxins
  • Rodents and pests getting into the house
  • Foundation sinking
  • Bowing
  • Radon gas leaking into the house from the soil
  • Excess moisture


Why Your Home Needs Encapsulation

Even if you aren’t experiencing these problems, or don’t realize that you are, finishing your foundation is always a smart investment in your home. The many benefits include:

  • Energy Savings – stopping the flow of air into/out of the home from the foundation will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system
  • Better Indoor Air Quality – air from the crawl space leaks into your home through ducts, floors, and partitions. Closing off the flow will mean mold, radon gas, and other toxins cannot leak in
  • Pest Management – closing off your foundation seals your home against rodents and other pests

Home Improvement is Easy with PECO

Encapsulation with PECO is straightforward and simple. First, one of our experienced home improvement professionals will inspect your space. We will make a plan for installing an effective encapsulation system for your home, whether that includes a Sump pump, dehumidifier, seal vents, or more. We also have to inspect your space for existing damage. The most serious damage includes sinking, settling, or mold remediation issues. All of these will need to be fixed by other experts – mold remediation companies and structural contractors, before we complete the encapsulation. The entire area will need to be cleaned thoroughly and any damage repaired before we begin work, including removing debris and rocks. We will create a plan based on the unique needs of your home. Our professional team will then install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering the crawl space and insulation to reduce the outside air that gets in.

If you have any questions regarding encapsulation, we would be happy to answer them! Call PECO today at (864) 639-242 to discuss encapsulation for your home.